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Patio Camelias is an A+ building with a Leed Silver certification that offers a great location in the heart of the financial district of San Isidro, with a spectacular view to the Abtao Park. It offers an easy access to the major avenues of corporate Lima, restaurants, hotel san boutiques.

General features:

  • Address: Las Camelias 185 Street - 191 San Isidro, Lima
  • Status: En Construcción
  • Asset value USD: 47.659.105
  • GLA: 12.462m2
  • A+ building
  • Leed Silver Certification
  • Floors: 12
  • Parking lots: 358
  • Implementation date: Jul-21
  • Sum for 96 persons
  • Over 160 bike parking lots
  • Dinner for over 90 persons
  • Gym