Grupo Patio has been bringing people together for more than 16 years, improving their lives through innovative spaces. Our purpose moved us to create different leasing formats to improve living standards in different neighborhoods and cities, becoming thus one of the leading companies in real estate returns market in Latin America and one of the higher-growth platforms region-wide.

Present in 4 countries (Chile, Peru, Mexico and United States), Grupo Patio holds over 110 assets for rent, managed through 5 business areas: Patio Comercial, Patio Oficinas, Patio Industrial, Patio Residencial and Patio Capitales.

Likewise, Grupo Patio holds six real estate funds in different types of assets. Two of those funds are public: equity funds LV-Patio I and II. In fact, the Group is now strongly positioned as a platform focused in adding value to their real estate assets through an active management of their portfolio, an innovative development of different formats and a productivity, sustainability and efficiency based approach.


Under a Corporate Governance, we grouped our sustainability-based commitments, related to our governance and human rights, seeking to position ourselves as a transparent Company holding an impeccable ethical behavior, inspiring trust in our investors.

Rafael Villanueva


Álvaro Jalaff


Pablo Manríquez


Andrés Solari


Roberto Bianchi


Ignacio Bolelli



We are proud to invite you to know our history


Año 2004
  • Creation of Gestión inmobiliaria (Patio Real Estate Management)
Año 2005
  • First Shopping Center Tobalaba
Año 2006
  • Incorporation of 4 shopping centers: Coventry, Huechuraba, Quilicura and Concón
Año 2007
  • Partnership with Kimco Realty Investment Fund
  • First business equity fund
  • Incorporation of two shopping centers: El Salto and Pedro de Valdivia
Año 2008
  • Incorporation of 7 shopping centers: Ciudad del Este, Observatorio, Valle Grande, Llanquihue, ciudad del Sol, Columbia, Lo Blanco
  • Second business equity fund
  • Purchase of Ciudad Modelo industrial ground
  • The group enters in the Offices Development market, purchasing the first offices asset: Live Costanera.
Año 2009
  • Closure as per the partnership with Capital Advisors and beginning of Due dilligence
  • Incorporation of one shopping center: Rahue, reaching 38.000 m2 GLA under management
Año 2010
  • Partnership in Commercial, Development and Leasing Assets with Capital Advisors
  • Purchase of the second Offices Asset: Patio Foster
  • Incorporation of one shopping center: San Pedro Concepción
  • Incorporation of Area Oficinas (Area Offices)
Año 2011
  • Purchase of Sumar manufacturing warehouses located in Carlos Valdovinos 200, commune of San Joaquín
  • Incorporation of 8 shopping centers: Ciudad Satélite, Presidente Ibáñez, Peñalolén,Berta Correa, Los Notros, Andalue and Alerce
  • 98.000 m2 GLA under management
Año 2012
  • Purchase of the third Offices Asset: Patio Los Militares
  • Incorporation of 4 shopping centers: Eucaliptus, Colón-Puerto Varas, Los Carrera, Torres del Puerto
  • Incorporation of Area Industrial (Industrial Area)
Año 2013
  • Creation of Grupo Patio and the four divisions: Patio Comercial, Patio Oficinas, Patio Industrial and Patio Capitales.
  • Incorporation of 8 new shopping centers: Mirador Ovalle, La Cantera, Barrio Inglés, Padre Las Casas, Bustamante, Santiago Downtown, Puerto Varas, Colón II Santa Luisa.
  • Beginning of the rental process in Patio Foster.
  • Purchase of Patio Rancagua Mall.
  • Purchase of 50% stocks of Patio KRC I y Patio KRC II funds to Kimco Realty Corporation.
  • Purchase of 100% assets of the Vecinal Fund to Kimco Realty Corporation.
Año 2014
  • Construction of La Fabrica Patio Outlet, in the warehouses complex located in San Joaquín.
  • Financial Advisory related to the Structuring and Placement of the Credicorp Patio Commercial I Fund.
  • The Group begins the administration of Mall Patio Rancagua.
  • Incorporation of 3 new shopping centers: Rudecindo Ortega, La Chimba and Villa Alemana.
  • Construction of office buildings Alonso by Grupo Patio.
  • Financial Advisory due to the sale of stocks by the partnership owner of Patio Foster building to Patio Foster SpA.
Año 2015
  • Risk Rating (ICR).
  • Incorporation of four new shopping centers: Labranza, Victoria, Lo Martínez and Alonso de Ercilla.
  • Development of Mall Patio Talagante.
  • Beginning of the leasing process of Patio Apoquindo.
  • Beginning of works in Parque Capital Residential Area.
  • Financial Advisory due to the sale of stocks by the partnership owner of the Alonso de Córdova building to FIP Beagler.
  • Purchase of Patio Apoquindo building.
  • Financial Advisory due to the sale of stocks by Patio Foster SpA to FIP Patio Oficinas I.
  • 185.000 m2 GLA under management
Año 2016
  • La Fábrica Patio Outlet begins its operations.
  • Culmination of Alonso’s construction by Grupo Patio.
  • Strip centers Petrobras Angol, Vicuña and Pan de Azúcar.
  • Purchase of warehouses Agrosuper and Karmac.
  • Construction of Mr. Storage October 2016.
  • Begins the operation of access and landscaping of Parque Capital.
  • Participation in the bidding process of Espacio Urbano.
Año 2017
  • “El Muro” has obtained the silver prize in ”Public Relations” of the ICSC Awards
  • Mr. Storage obtains international recognition as “Facility of the year”
  • Taking control of Patio Comercial.
  • LV- Patio Real Estate Returns I:
    March: Taking control of Fund LV- Patio Real Estate Returns I ( ex Aurus Real Estate Returns)
    October: Selling process of building Los Conquistadores
    December: Purchase process of Sigdo Koppers Corporate Building
  • Launching new division: Patio Residencial.
  • Opening of three new Strip Centers.
  • Execution of call option Fund IM Trust Credicorp Capital.
Año 2018
  • 103 assets
  • Grupo Patio enters in the hotels industry after executing a partnership with the Selina chain.
  • Patio Comercial and LarrainVial create the second equity fund “LV-Patio II Strip Centers”.
  • Patio Comercial makes its debut in local market, reaching a successful first placement of bonds.
  • Patio Comercial entails the second placement for UF 1.000.000 in bonds.
  • Grupo Patio executes an agreement to develop a Project with Norman Foster.
  • Mr. Storage incorporates a new asset to their portfolio, and open “Mr. Storage Panamericana”
  • Grupo Patio enters in the hotel business after setting a partnership with the Selina Chain.
  • Patio Comercial reinforces its presence in the North of Chile through the purchase of 14 new real estate assets.


  • 8 assets
  • First year operating in Peru
  • Celebrating one year in Mexico, together with Larrain Vial, after executing the purchase of 20% of DD3 Capital Partners.
Año 2019
  • 79 assets
  • LV Patio Fund purchases the corporate building of SK (30-12-2017).
  • Chiloe’s Regatta.
  • Grupo Patio and LarraínVial enter the Mexican market
  • Day of Heritage in Sumar Manufactures.
  • Opening of Mr. Storage.
  • Certification of the Compliance Prevention Model.
  • The Fund LV-Patio Real Estate Returns I purchases the Infinity Offices building.


  • 7 assets
  • Grupo Patio enters Peru.
Año 2020
  • Placement of Fund LV-Patio II
  • Buildings’ purchase to CorpGroup.
  • Arrival to the US.
  • Beginning the expansion works of La Fábrica.
  • Purchase of Las Camelias building (Peru)
  • Certification I-REC.
  • Change in the Board of Directors.
  • Placement of Patio Comercial.
  • Birmann Certification.
  • Patio Plus.
  • Purchase of Panal.
  • Purchase of Autosumit.
  • Purchase of Tapioca (MX).